Under New Management

Dear Green Scholars,

Since it's creation in 2015, the D.C. School of Mary Jane has flourished. We've opened many new eyes to the potential for positive Marijuana use, however our web presence has languished and I aim to fix that. 

Late this Summer, I took over management at the school, as the business' previous owner was no longer able to dedicate the time he needed to its upkeep. I have a lot of ideas for expanding the school, many of which includes producing a variety of locally generated content that might appeal to current recreational marijuana users just as much as those new to the hobby. 

I'll also be overseeing regular maintenance the site so desperately deserves, as well as answering questions, and meeting with customers. While that seems like a lot for one guy to take on alone, I assure you I am more than up to the task. I hope to use this domain not only educate, but also to encourage people around the Nations Capital to take in our fair city with fresh, albeit blood-shot red, eyes. 

Your bud, 


*Obviously not my real name.